Builds Lean Muscle

Wondering how to improve on the workout capabilities of your body? Human Growth Hormone (HGH) can serve as the manager of your body building capabilities by enhancing the lean body structure and helping you develop better stamina while minimizing the recovery periods between workout sessions. No matter what shape your body holds, the presence of this hormone in the apt level can promote bodily strength, weight loss or weight gain to induce better health benefits and reduces the loss of muscles when your workout session is off.

HGH as a body building drug can offer you with the following benefits for extending your muscle enhancement capabilities:

  • Enhances lean body structure
  • Recovery time within workouts is reduced
  • Performance levels are fueled with energy
  • Joints and ligaments gain strength to the optimum level
  • Quick recovery of damaged tissues
  • Enhances protein synthesis capabilities
  • Improves insulin utilization in the body
  • Improves the level of anabolic steroids that your body can utilize efficiently
  • Reduces the stress and strain developed during a workout, especially for the ones that are obese
  • Enhances weight lifting capacity

HGH is a fat burner. In the cases where your body tends to gain weight, the process is to balance the weight on your body by cutting down excess fat from the lean muscle area and distributing it evenly. So, if you are seriously engaged with body building activity and you wish to gain better muscle capabilities, you can intake regular doses of this hormone and see how your body responds to this intake.

Dosing hGH for Bodybuilders

For advanced bodybuilders and those wanting to gain lean muscle, a dose of 4-8iu’s per day is necessary. Most athletes respond well at those doses.

How does Human Growth Hormone help in achieving considerable levels of weight loss?

If you are overweight, you may suffer from cardiovascular disease or diabetes. You may also experience back pain, joint problems, breathlessness or difficulty in sleeping. These problems may become severe if you gain more weight. HGH therapy is very helpful in reducing weight. The results obtained from HGH replacement therapy for weight loss are very surprising and cannot be achieved by any other weight loss program. It provides perfect shape to your body by building muscles and melting away fat. In addition, it makes you look 10 to 20 years younger.

Many clinical trials and scientific studies have proved HGH therapy is very effective for weight loss. Not only this, health professionals and physicians all over the world have found HGH to be an effective lean muscle building and fat burning method. If you want to get rid of your unwanted body fat, then start coordinating the metabolism of your body into a fat burning machine and include HGH in your weight loss program.

You will be surprised to see how fast and easily you can lose weight by starting a course of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Human growth hormone will reshape your body through lean muscle toning and fat loss without rigorous exercise and diet control; therefore you will get a perfect shape according to your height. With the help of prescribed weight loss program, you will lose weight very quickly, especially around your abdominal area where fat becomes more obstinate with age. You will have no tension of losing weight if you are on HGH therapy.

Human growth hormone is excreted by the pituitary gland and its level in the human body decreases as a person becomes older. However HGH therapy raises the level of human growth hormone back to a youth like level and helps in weight loss. HGH increases the amount of IGF-1 excreted by human liver. The work of IGF-1 is that it does not allow the insulin to transport glucose to cells. Normally pancreas releases insulin after you eat food which transforms carbohydrates into glucose and this glucose is then stored in fat cells by your body for getting energy. HGH induced IGF-1 does not allow insulin from storing glucose in cells and hence forces the body to burn fat for energy.

Usually human body consumes all glucose for getting energy before it gets deposited in fat reserves. HGH forces your body to take energy from the fat reserves first which results in weight loss. Since HGH makes your body to burn fat for getting energy, hence you will lose weight even during your inactive periods. You need energy for all aspects of living; hence HGH makes your body to burn fat even when you are sleeping. In addition, you can eat large amounts of food without gaining excess weight and there is no need of dieting.

Another important benefit of HGH is that increases the metabolism and energy levels. Naturally produced human growth hormone is responsible for producing these effects in the childhood; hence by using HGH in your adult stage, you can enjoy the same energy as in your youth. Increased metabolism indicates increased weight loss. You can easily lose weight by using HGH without doing exercise. HGH promotes fat loss and increases strength.

There are some side effects of using HGH for weight loss but they are very rare. Some results of the HGH are:

  1. Pot and droopy stomach compresses by 48%
  2. Loose skin tightens by 62%
  3. Flabby body shape straightens up by 62%.

HGH may turn out to be one of the most efficient techniques for fat reduction

Human growth hormone therapy is one of the best techniques used for effective fat loss. It has been proved at the University of California that the replacement therapy of HGH pooled with the required dieting efforts helps in accelerating weight loss. It was noticed that human growth hormone therapy for a span of six or eleven weeks was combined with dieting; it causes 25% increase of fat loss rate rather than dieting alone. If the therapy was used for eleven weeks, the person treated with HGH lost from 30 to 32 pounds but it was 20 to 25 pounds in the case of dieting alone. It was also noticed that muscles are also lost in dieting but HGH treated persons hold on their muscle body tone.

How HGH controls weight loss?

If any fat burning occurs in the presence of high level of insulin i.e. after consumption of a meal that is rich in carbohydrates or fat, HGH therapy not only removes fat but others problems also that come with it. In other words, if you are overweight, use the proven method for getting rid of fat which is human growth hormone replacement therapy because fat is very dangerous to your health. HGH therapy has many health benefits including skin and hair texture, restoration of muscle strength, increased energy levels, improved memory and increased sex drive without negative side effects. It burns your body fat and increases blood flow and makes you feel stronger, younger and sexier.


HGH Therapy: Boost Your Sexual Performance Today

Having a healthy sexual life is part of daily life of people. However, having a healthy sex lifestyle is based on your sexual performance. In fact, sexual activities play many functions in the lives of the people such as making people more youthful and reducing stress.


For males, sexual function gives them ability to have more fertility semen and maintain a healthy erection. For females, it increases their sexual desire, increases their orgasm and to acquire proficiency lubricant adequately.


What Is the Help of HGH Therapy on Sexual Performance?


If you want to increase your sexual function and performance, try HGH therapy. The fact is, when people get older they tend to lower their sex levels. This means that people who have growth hormone problem will decrease their sexual function and libido. Moreover, the help of HGH therapy is to increase people’s sexual drive in order to maintain their tremendous sex life style.


Truth about HGH Therapy


According to research conducted by Doctor Daniel Rudman, using of growth hormone injections for people who are sixty five to eighty one years old increase their sexual performance after using HGH injections. The research was conducted with twenty five individuals for six months. On the other hand, its validity was questioned because it was only conducted to small groups of people (25 individuals).

According to the study of Palm Springs, they pointed out what can people get from HGH therapy. This includes boosting a person sexual function and performance. They conducted the study to larger groups which is three hundred two participants. The findings of the study were tremendous even though its main focus was not on evaluating what can HGH therapy give to people.


On the other hand, the research showed the therapy is really true because people who undergo the process show that there is improvement in their sexual functions and frequency. This includes increasing on their penile erection and having a more regulated and improved menstrual cycle.


Taken as a whole, HGH therapy is really a great and tremendous help in increasing sexual performance of a one person. If you want to feel the same having a harder erection and having more pleasures, then, HGH therapy is recommended for you. All you need to do is to have one because you do not need to worry about its effects because it is actually proven. Have your growth hormone therapy now!



Increase Muscle Mass – HGH and Body Building

The HGH has been long used by the body builders towards gaining muscle strength and increasing physical enhancement. The HGH therapy towards adding mass to your physique is fundamentally different than the method used by administering of steroids. The number of muscles in our body is limited to our genetic structure and the most one can do with the help of steroids is to increase the size of these cells. However, the use of HGH helps in increasing the numbers of these cells and it enables new muscle growth and reverses the genetic disposition.

HGH primary function is to raise the level of metabolism in the body. The weight gain through the use of HGH is only and only through the lean muscles that is added onto your body. The HGH muscle growth is slow and gradual, unlike that in the steroid use. The weight gained with steroids is mostly through the water retained, while in HGH, it is only lean mass. The weight gained with HGH is about one or two pound on muscle each week, which is slow but sustainable. Since the metabolism with HGH is higher, it means fewer restrictions on the diet of the body builders and they can afford to eat a bit more and burn it equally easily.

HGH not only adds lean muscle, but also reduces recovery time between workouts and enhances performance. The HGH has been seen to strengthen ligaments and joints and helps in quicker recovery from injury and damaged tissue. Protein anabolism is also associated with HGH. HGH also has the function of controlling the activity of other hormones. HGH has been known to suppress the abilities of insulin to stimulate the uptake of glucose in tissues. This result in enhanced glucose synthesis in the liver, and can create a state of hyperinsulinemia. Another benefit for body builders is that it enhances protein synthesis and thus increasing the amount of anabolic steroids that can be effectively used by the body due to the rise in the amount of insulin in it.

Using HGH To Increase Muscle Mass And Strength

The HGH can help building muscle mass and strength even when it might seem that you have reached the very limit of your body. The action of HGH is slower than other steroids but way more natural and thus more sustainable. This is because, the muscles are produced naturally in the body and not though inflating them by absorbing more water. The workout required for gaining muscles is also lesser than that in steroids. All you need to do is eat well, carry out light exercise and get a nice toned body. This was possible without any supplements when we were young as enough growth hormone was produced by our body itself that took care of body and muscle growth. With age however, the amount of HGH naturally produces comes down. Fortunately, HGH is available in external dosages that can be administered through an injection. With HGH you can reach that optimal level of human growth hormone that made your body and efficient piece of muscle-building machinery in your younger years. Once again, you can obtain the perfect body as easily as you did in your late teens and early twenties, through HGH therapy injections.

Dosing HGH for Muscle Body building

A dose of 4-8 iu’s per day is necessary for building muscles and gaining substantial improvement in body composition. It has been found that most people respond well to these doses and gain the maximum in terms of muscle strength when taking them regularly while weight training.