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Human Growth Hormone Raw Powder (1 gram/3000iu) High purity,pass serum test at the result over 20 ng/mL.

Benefits of synthetic HGH replacement Therapy Therapeutically, artificial or synthetic HGH supplements grant several benefits. These include:

• Fat reduction: HGH is recommended in certain syndromes, where it helps reduce body weight, whilst maintaining the muscle strength and improving the muscle mass.

• Helps thwart the onslaught of ageing: Medical journals have demonstrated an outstanding ability of the hormone to reverse the process of ageing. HGH supplements promise to take years off you!

• There occurs greater cardiac output, lowered blood pressure, and improved cholesterol levels.

• Enhances immune function and resistance of the body  • Enhances sexual performance

• Promotes hair re-growth

• Promises a younger, tighter, firmer and wrinkle-free skin

• Boosts energy levels: Several recent studies reiterate the role of HGH in improving athletic performance

• Increases bone density, making the bone stronger and reducing the incidences of bone fractures

• HGH enhances mental functioning and effectively checks sleep disorders.
MANUFACTURER:GMP Pharmaceuticals Ltd


APPEARANCE:lyophilized powder

PACKAGING: Blue/green/yellow/red/black top , 10 vials per kit

DOSAGE:Life extension: 1-2IU / day, Body building: 4-8 IU / day